Back pain: the evil of the century

Back pain is the famous "evil of the century" that 9 out of 10 French people say they have already had during their lives.

You too ? Persistent points along the spine, a bar in the lower back, stiffness, blocking sensations. Walking or prolonged static positions are difficult for you to bear. How tired you are ! Your back is full of it !

Following medical examinations, no abnormalities were detected, but you are in pain! After relaxation and strengthening exercises, you feel an improvement because this allows you to maintain your mobility and reduce inflammation and therefore pain. However, the pain pattern repeats itself, either after a few weeks or sometimes after a few days. You resign yourself to living with this pain or trying to find out what causes it: growth, sport, work, weight gain, stress, age... Throughout life, there are always a thousand and one explanations which often have a good reason for it! Of course, all of the situations mentioned are associated with pain, but they are almost always associated with a bad body position.

The spinal column must remain straight to maintain the muscular trajectories that will allow the muscles to function efficiently. However, when the pelvis shifts, the spine follows the movement of the sacrum (the bone which makes the junction between the pelvis and the spine). The muscles find themselves in an awkward position and will fight against gravity by retracting or by being put under tension. This results in fatigue, stiffness and pain.

Perfect support of the pelvis is essential. As the pelvis is supported by the knees, which are supported by the ankles, the position of the feet must be as correct as possible. With Kastine footwear you are guaranteed the best support for your feet to ensure very good stability.