Heavy legs

The heat, trampling, prolonged standing

cause vasodilatation of the veins, i.e. widening of the blood vessels. This dilation prevents the small valves from correctly moving blood and lymph up to the heart. A stagnation of these body fluids in the lower limbs will cause widespread pain, heavy legs and fatigue. 

So what can be done to overcome these discomforts ?  

Cold water will stimulate blood circulation because it closes the skin's pores and helps to better distribute oxygen, making the vessels narrower. 

Compression socks are used in the prevention of venous thrombosis = blood clot formation. Their elasticity will help the fluids at each step to flow back to the heart. Depending on what you are wearing, it is not always easy to wear them. 

Walk to stimulate the venous return. This return is done thanks to a biological pump which starts under the foot. Lejars sole is a network of veins that cover the entire underside of the foot. With each step, pressure on this area will release the blood towards the deep venous system. Then the contraction of the leg muscles (calf) will ensure that the blood is pumped higher up and so on to the heart. Stimulation of the foot with pressure on the arch of the foot helps this venous return.

Why can Kastine help you ? 

The anatomical inner sole of our footwear respects your morphology and contributes to optimal functioning of your venous return. At each step, the inner support of the insoles puts pressure on the venous network. In addition, the rear supports in our footwear avoid your feet slipping out of the shoe. We therefore offer you a Summer solution with our flip-flops, slides and sandals so that summer rhymes with comfort. It's also a solution for time spent at home. Our lightweight shoes, which respect your anatomy, can be used as a "slipper" to maintain good posture at all times.