Sever disease

Painful heel syndrome common in children

Your growing child is in very good health but has been telling you for some time that his heel(s) are hurting. You notice that he/she is limping. Maybe we should talk about Sever's disease ?

The term disease may sound scary, but in reality it is just a painful condition of the heel, which is common and is found in both boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 11, sometimes even younger. This period corresponds to the age group where growth surges will intensify.

The calf muscles are connected to the Achilles tendon, which is like a very stiff rope. This tendon connects to the bone. During growth, the muscles pull strongly on the heel which is not yet strong enough. This bone becomes painful. This is the Sever syndrome: an imbalance between muscle strength as powerful as that of an adult on a bone that is not strong enough.

Other factors will accentuate the pain :

  • A sports activity with repetitive movements 
  • A problem with the position of the foot that subsides inwards (= valgus foot) : The imbalance is therefore greater and encourages additional tension.  

Stretching the quadriceps for 60 seconds allows the muscle to relax. The more it is stretched, the more efficient and longer it is and therefore it will pull less on the bone. If the pain persists despite daily stretching, it will be necessary to consult a podologist. 

The role of the podologist is to study the overall structure of the body and to correct the movement of the foot, and therefore of the body as a whole, with orthopaedic insoles. Insoles are to be worn continuously during growth to maintain the correct axis of the foot and the equilibrium of the body.

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