The importance of suitable footwear to relieve calaneal enthesopathy

Kastine combines orthopaedic insoles and open shoes

The importance of our firm support to ensure good foot posture. 

After having treated the inflammation linked to calaneal enthesopathy, the physiotherapist will be able to help you in improving your mobility, osteopathy will remove blockages and podology will ensure that your best posture remains stable over time. 

In order to maintain these positive effects, it is essential to wear suitable footwear. The entire rear and lateral part opposite the heel of the shoe, called the support, must be rigid, in order to prevent the foot from slipping, whether in closed or open shoes. The performance of insoles differs from shoe to shoe. 

Kastine footwear addresses the Summer problem by ensuring that the foot is held in the right place on the sole thanks to its unique support (no interior /exterior sliding).